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With Master Coach Pierre Lalande

This is all about your transformation. The color program is a personal journey designed to empower you and develop skills and the awareness of how color profoundly impacts human behavior. The color program also identifies your strengths and your unique abilities. Together we will pinpoint what is of greatest importance to you.

Your choice of color and style creates an image of trust. There are 6 identifiable styles based on your physicality. The four elements of design hold the blueprint to not only interior decor but your personal image. This color program provides you with all the mastery you need to present yourself in your best light and the way you wish to be perceived.

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5 weekly one hour sessions one on one with Pierre Lalande including:

  • Color DNA Authentication and Analysis 

  • Personal style analysis 

  • The Four Elements of Design - understand which applies not only to your home and/or office but also to your personal wardrobe, your body type and the image you wish to present to the world

  • Color - The power of Color, it's impact and how to master your wardrobe and your spaces for harmonious living

  • The 80/20 Rule of Color 

  • Lines, Degrees and Angles - how to use angles to balance spaces and how lines can create wonderful focal points from head to toe 

  • Textures - how to wear fabrics, patterns and prints together and apply them to yourself or your home decor

Receive your own PDF color profile:

  • Your Core DNA Colors 

  • Your Accent DNA Colors

  • How to combine Core  and Accent Colors 

  • How these colors define your personality 

  • Men's and Women 's most essential grooming tips

  • Your best suited DNA cosmetic colors including best choices for foundation,lipsticks, eye shadows, eye liners, eyebrows and blush. 

  • Your DNA hair Color shades including Highlights and Lowlights

  • Your DNA jewellery metals including Gold, Silver, and Gemstones

  • Colors to avoid and why you should avoid them

  • Your DNA best eyewear color selections

“I would walk 500 miles”, or in my case fly 300 miles, to have a few hours of TLC time with Pierre – I travel from Ottawa to Toronto for appointments!

When I’m being pampered by Pierre, I feel like I am the most important, most beautiful woman in the world. Not only is Pierre a masterful hair stylist, he also has an instinctual ability to know how to enhance anyone’s natural characteristics through hair, makeup and clothing choices. On top of that, he is such a genuine and caring person that you can’t help but feel wonderful in his presence. Thanks!

Caroline — Ottawa, Canada

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