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"Color is power that directly influences the soul".



How to appeal to others emotionally using color.

People subconsciously judge others in under 15 seconds, based on color and first impressions. Learn how to use color with intent, using your personal authentication, which lasts a lifetime.

Color DNA uses a scientifically proven method – that aligns the emotional values of color. Pierre will teach you a system that can be used both for projecting the best personal image – as well as apply the best colors for improved health:

  • Learn how to use color to make a statement!

  • Understand the emotional values of color.

  • Understand how color affects mood & productivity.

  • Save time & money with a color optimized image.

  • Discover how color affects your environment.

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 2.15.59 PM.png

Whether it’s personal image or interior design, color leads the way. After this presentation, you will learn how to use color with intent – in any situation.

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