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"The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette".

Henry S. Haskins


“It’s about empowering you with a fail-proof system that accurately identifies the use of colors for consistent results every time.”

Pierre Lalande is the founder and creator of Lalande Color DNA system, a scientifically-based colour authentication system, revealing and accurately identifying the color uniqueness of an individual’s appearance and personality, from head to toe.

Pierre has been a featured guest on many television network across North America including a local television network CTV city TV and promoting his own line of color cosmetics on the USA home shopping network. Pierre is a frequent industry speaker and panelist in personal image and the interior design industry.


  • Pierre has been helping transform his clients for over 25 years.

  • Pierre has been a guest personal image consultant on Global TV, CTV, and City TV.

  • Artistic Director and hair/makeup image expert for performers at the Toronto International Film Festival, Juno’s and for numerous Canadian and international artists.

!Pierre about.png


  • Pierre is convinced that color transforms and evolves one’s life … he has developed a unique process to help you explore your personal ColorDNA profile.

  • He believes that creating your “personal brand” – transcends hair color, make up and style. He truly spends the time to understand the essence of the individual and bring their inner spirit out.


  • His team have transformed hair styling with an innovative and precise technique that actually corrects weight distribution from roots to ends … creating balance and flow.

  • Pierre has developed an exclusive line of sophisticated cosmetics and hair care products.

Pierre Lalande’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation using color remains the heart of the Lalande ColorDNA system. Pierre is convinced that color transforms and evolves one’s life. 

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