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Color and I are one.

                         "Paul Klee"



“I would walk 500 miles”, or in my case fly 300 miles, to have a few hours of TLC time with Pierre – I travel from Ottawa to Toronto for appointments!

When I’m being pampered by Pierre, I feel like I am the most important, most beautiful woman in the world. Not only is Pierre a masterful hair stylist, he also has an instinctual ability to know how to enhance anyone’s natural characteristics through hair, makeup and clothing choices. On top of that, he is such a genuine and caring person that you can’t help but feel wonderful in his presence. Thanks!

Caroline — Ottawa, Canada


I’m a guy who considers himself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to fashion. I love to wear high quality, custom made, bespoke suits, and always try and avoid the middle of the road colours… you know… the typical guy colours: black, white, tan and light blue. So I would describe my colour palette as adventurous with a dash of ‘classic’.

It wasn’t until I met Pierre Lalande, and had the opportunity to use his Lalande Color Profiling System, that I realized how many colours were missing from my wardrobe. Pierre quickly described my colour scheme as rich and dirty… and the opportunity arose to use deep rich colours with a little bit of rock and roll. Colours like muted purple, rust, burgundy, and cream have now become a part of my wardrobe.

When I began wearing these colours, comments turned from “Wow that suit looks so nice to, WOW I can’t believe how good YOU look” The key difference was, before people looked at my clothes, and now people look at me and my hairstyle. Eye contact!!! Thanks Pierre!

Matt Dusk, EntertainerToronto, Canada

“Life can get to be hectic when you are running a design firm and executing media obligation both televised and print photography. Pierre’s system has helped take the guess work out of what to wear and what colours are going to work best for the medium I’m working in. I’ve also worked with Pierre for the last several years as a hair stylist.

As soon as I sit down I can leave the rest to him with full confidence that I will leave the salon looking my best for weeks to come. Finally, not only is Pierre a consummate professional, but it is always a pleasure to be in his company and his beauty as a person most certainly translates into his work!”

Glen Peloso, Principal — Glen Peloso Interiors


Hi Pierre,

I just want to thank you again for doing such a great job on my hair yesterday, I absolutely love it! I am already using your make-up tips today :).


It was a great pleasure meeting you and I had the best salon experience ever!

Have a great day and will see you soon!


Pierre has been doing my hair and makeup for a dozen years and I am always pleased with the results. With each visit, my personal image keeps developing as I learn a new tip or trick from him. His colour system enhances and simplifies my life. I no longer have any doubts about which colours are right for me. I am impressed and amazed by his talents especially when he does makeovers for clients, bringing forth the best possible beauty from them.

Angie C

My name is Carolyn. I’ve been a client of Pierre Lalande for several years. I was immediately impressed by his ability to listen, and offer the perfect hair cut and colour for my needs. As he introduced me to his authentication system, the result was profound: he changed my colours, changed my life! Now I shine; with wardrobe, makeup, and even eye glasses which bring out the best in my appearance. Compliments from friends and acquaintances have been numerous. I trust Pierre’s flawless taste, and his system makes smart choices simple.

Carolyn Hague

I am proud to be able to count Pierre as not only my hairstylist but also my friend. Pierre presents his clientele with a beautiful familial aura which is infectious. He is always willing to graciously impart his profound knowledge to those around him. His eye for detail, colour and fashion are literally magical. He is a transformational specialist and artist. I am delighted to provide the canvas for his masterful work – a ritual I am honoured to travel to Toronto to experience.


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